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8/13/1940 – Sheboygan Common Council resolution submitted for construction of the Armory

8/19/1940 – Sheboygan Common Council approves plans to build the Sheboygan Armory and Auditorium

8/23/1940 – The total cost of the Armory is projected to be $204,000, $154,000 of this is  covered by a grant from the Federal WP A Project


6/1/1941 – Cornerstone laying ceremony followed by a parade

5/22-24/1942 – GRAND OPENING featuring the Mammoth Olympia Indoor Circus (sponsored by the Sheboygan Baseball Association)

6/11/1942 – First North/Central High School graduation ceremony held at the Armory, 584 total graduates

7 /4/1942 – Armory to be dedicated on the Fourth of July

9/28/1942 – Hollywood stars “Dennis Morgan and Irene Manning” perform in a war bond fundraiser including local high school bands. Over $300,000 in bonds are sold at this one event

10/7/1942 – Rev. A.F. Allie speaks to maximum capacity audience (A.F. Allie was a Catholic Missionary in Hong Kong at the time of the Japanese WWII occupation)

11/11/1942 – Armistice Day Ball

!11/14/1942 – U.S. Army gives public display of new equipment in a recruitment drive

11/21/1943 – First of many High school basketball games between Sheboygan North andCentral/South High schools to be played at the Armory

1/24-27/1943 – Shrine Circus (sponsored by the Sheboygan Redskins basketball club)

5/15/1943 – Gold Gloves amateur boxing


6 /6/12/1943 – Red Cross blood drive


6/13/1943 – Keep Singing America concert/show

8/21-22/1943 – Wisconsin State Gladiola Festival

9/17/1943 – Father Flannagan (founder of Boy’s Town) and war veteran graduates of his school speak in support of the war effort

10/1 7 /1943 – The Lutheran Hour with speaker and founder Dr. Walter Maier, crowd of over 3,000 (Broadcast internationally by 450 radio stations)

11/11/1943 – 25th Armistice Day Anniversary Celebration

11/21-25/1943 – Sells Shriner Circus (sponsored by the Sheboygan Redskins basketball club)

4/9/1944 – Sheboygan Firefighters Easter Ball

4/15/1944 – Mel Hummitzsch Dixieland Minstrel Show

4/27/1944 – Golden Gloves Boxing

10/14/1944 – WAC recruiting drive

11/25-29/1944 – Sells Circus performs (sponsored by the Sheboygan Sportsman’s Club)

2/17/1945 – Joe Sanders and the Nighthawks perform (claims to be the first big band concert held at the Armory)

4/1411945 – Mel Hummitzsch Dixieland Minstrel Show (this performance was cancelled due to the speculated end of the war in Europe and pending celebratory events to be held at the Armory)

4/7/1945 -Al Kavelin Concert

5/8/1945 – Victory in Europe celebration held

6/17 /1945 – Vaudeville show featuring The Dinning Sisters and Red Foley

6/23/1945 – Don Mc Neills Breakfast Club morning variety show performs (coast-to coast ABC radio broadcast)

6/23/1945 – Lawrence Welk Orchestra

8/4/1945 – “Tiny” Hill and orchestra

9/22/1945 – The Blue Barron Orchestra

10/8/1945 – The Darlings of Rhythm all-girl orchestra

12/31/1945 – Romy Gosz the Polka King performs at New Years Eve dance

4/21/1946 – Sheboygan Firefighters Dance

5/5-6/1946 – Mel Hummitzsch Dixieland Minstrel Show (sponsored by the Garton Toy Goodfellowship Club)

6/8/1946 – Eddie Howard and his band perform 8/8/1947 – Six Fat Dutchmen hand performs 8117/1946 – Formal initiation of V ,F.W. Post 1230

11/13/1946 Cheyenne Mountain Dancers (square dancing)

11/11/1946 – American Legion Armistices Day Bali 11129/1946 – De Laval milking machine demonstration

3/14/1947 – Fred Waring and the Pennsylvanians perform (barber shop), reported by The Sheboygan Press to be the largest audience to see a performance at the Armory to date. The Chordettes were an opening act.

4/6/1947 – Fireman’s Balt

4/19-20/ I947   Mel Hummitzsch Dixieland Minstrel Revue (sponsored by the Garton Toy Goodfellow- ship Club)

6/12/1947 – Golden Gloves Boxing

8/16/1947 – Victory Japan Day Dance (Carl Byrnes band)

8/1711947 – “Queen for a Day” touring show

921/1947 – Vavne King and the Skaters

10/3/1947 – Paul Scott’s Partytiners

10/11/1947 – Showing of Nazi documentary fllrns 10122/1947 Tommy Dorsey Orchestra

10/30/1947 – Hollywood Skating Revels (roller skating) 111411947 – Professional Wrestling

11/8/1947 – Vatican Choir performs before an audience of 800

11/22/1947 – Victor Borge (musician/comedian) 11129/1947 Frankie Yankovic and his orchestra

1948-1949 – Sheboygan Press refers to a “Lutheran Flour” presentation at the Armory

3/18/1948 – Northeast Wisconsin Education Association to meet (over 4000 educators attended)

4/10/1948 – Russ Morgan Orchestra 4/17-1811948 = Mel Huntmitzsch Minstrel Show

4/24/1948 – Phil Spiltany with ‘”the !tour of Charm” all girl orchestra

5/1/1948 – Spike Jones and his band performs in his only Wisconsin appearance

5/8/1948 – Fox River Valley high school music festival (350 musicians expected)

5/13/1948 – Christian Youth Fellowship Program 5/16/1948 Square Dance Jamboree

5/20/1948 – Golden Gloves Boxing

5/22-23/1948 – Hollywood Animal Stars,

6/15/1948 “Flour of Chami” all girl orchestra draws 2,100

8/22/1948 – Wisconsin State Federation of I.abor meets on either this date or the 16th, (600 attended)

11/30/1948 – Boys Town Choir draws 3,000 3/6/1949 – Vaughn Monroe and Orchestra

3/8/1949 – Horace Heidt and his Musical Knights concert and talent show (drew over 5,000 attendees,/ maximum capacity for standing room only crowd) This was broadcast live to an audience of more than 3 million!

4/23/1949 “The Great Virgil’ (Magician)

4/26/1949 – Professional Wrestling (This event featuring arguably the most popular wrestler of the time, Gorgeous George, was originally scheduled to be field at “The Playdium.” Due to the amount of public interest, it was moved to the Armory which was able to house a larger audience.

4/27-29/1949 – Three Day Home Show (sponsored by the American Legion Post No. 83)

5/4/1949 – Golden Gloves Boxing

5/7-8/1949 – Mel Hutnrn.itzsch Dixieland Minstrel Revue (sponsored by the Garton ‘fay (Goodfellowship Club)

5/15/1949 – Square Dance Jamboree

6/28/1949 – Dick Contino accordionist/ talent show

8/28/1949 – Barbershop Chorus Competition  , it featured 1.000 singers from throughout the Midwest and drew a crowd of 3,400)

10/20/1949 – Professional performance of “Carmen” (Opera)

10/30/1949 – U.S. Marine Band

11/3/1949 – Sheboygan Redskins defeat the Boston Celtics 98-83 in the Armory’s inaugural NBA game before a crowd of 2200 fans

11/12/1949 – Live Mink Show draws hundreds

11/25-26/1949 – Icelandia” a comedy aerobatic ice skating revue. The first event in which the Armory floor is iced.


12/11/1949 – Sheboygan Symphony Christmas Concert draws over 1000 spectators

1/20/1950 Gene Autry ‘The Singing Cowboy” and his entourage perform (sponsored by The Playdium)


2/11/1950 – St. Olaf Choir

2/22/1950 – Horne Heidi. Talent Show auditions, Shevegas guesses this was once again Horace Heidt.

5/4/1950 – Over 1,000 Boy Scouts participate in ‘Scout- a -Ree“

5/15/1910 –U.S. Armed Forces Day speeches and banquet

5/21/1950 Square Dance Jamboree

6/17/1950 – Hollywood figures Don Ragon and Denise Darcel concert

8/27/1950 – KWA (Kohler Workers Association) membership meeting at Armory, committee recommends acceptance of contract proposal

10/12-15/1950 – A large sporting show featuring primarily hunting and fishing attendance at around 3,000 (sponsored by the Sheboygan Employees Association)

10/15/1950 – Wiled Band

11/19/1950 – Phil Spiltany and the “Hour of Charm” all- Girl orchestra

12/9/1950 – The Sheboygan Civic Orchestra and Acappella Choir concert

1951 – Central High announces that it will play all of its home basketball games at the Armory. (Central had been playing all of its games vs. Sheboygan North at the Armory since 1943,)

2/18/1951 – Horace Heidi Talent Show (This performance was taped for broadcast on national television by CBS and was aired on

4/2/1951. This was the first nationwide broadcast to originate from Sheboygan.)

2/18/1951 Sheboygan Municipal Band

3/16/1951 – Walter Reuther, President of the national (JAW CIO labor union speaks to Kohler employees in an attempt to organize Kohler workers under the national union leadership. (1,500.1,800 employees)

3;27/1951 – UAW-CIO defeated in election at the Armory by existing Kohler Workers Association

4/14/1951 – University of Wisconsin Madison concert hand performs for 1.000

5/20/1951 -. Dance (Square Dance with the Ken Kossman Orchestra)

5/27/1950 – Catholic Marian Rally (Coronation of Mother of God festival) 3,500 attend

6/10/1951 – Father Knackert Silver Jubilee Reception (Catholic)

6/24/1951 – Land-o-Lakes Barbershop Chorus Competition (3,560 in attendance)

7/4/1951 – Fourth of July Program, 4,000 in attendance

0/21/1951 – NBA Exhibition Basketball Game, Milwaukee Hawks vs. Indianapolis Olympians (The Redskins were not members of the NBA beyond its inaugural season.  Attendance for this event was much lower than expected.)

10/24/1951 – Loyal Order of Moose sponsored a circus

10/28/1951 – Reformation Day Service (Lutheran)

12/9/1951 -The Sheboygan Civic Orchestra

12/16/1951 -Armour Leather Company Christmas Program (800)

12/17 /1951 – The Badger State Recreation Club holds its Christmas Party for 800 members/family

12/29-30/1951 – Six County Live Mink Show

12/29-2/1/1952 – Red Cross Blood Drive

2/3/1952 – Sheboygan Municipal Band

3/5/1952 -The Texas Cowgirls vs. members of the Green Bay Packers

3/8/1952 – Girl Scout 40th Anniversary Rally, over 2,000 attend

3/25/1952 – Republican presidential candidate Robert Taft speaks to a crowd of 1400

5/11/1952 – Large meeting of the Kohler Workers Association to discuss the UAW charter

5/25/1952 – Catholic Marian Rally (Coronation of the Mother of God festival) 3,000 attend

6/4/1952 – Choraliers perform

6/8/1952 – Walter Reuther, President of the National UAW-CIO Labor Union speaks to Kohler employees in an attempt to organize workers under the national union leadership (800-1000 employees)

6/22/1952 – Barbershop Chorus Competition

9/5-7/1952 – Iowa and Wisconsin Jehovah Witness Convention

9/20/1952 – Fred Waring and the Pennsylvanians perform (barber shop)

10/16/1952 – U.S. Vice-President Alben Barkley speaks on behalf of local Democratic candidates for political office (2000 attend)

l 0/23/1952 – Actor Robert Montgomery speaks on behalf of local Republican candidates for political office, over 3,000 attend.

l 0/25/1952 – Kiwanis Club Circus

11/2/1952 – Reformation Day Service (Lutheran) More than 3,500 attend

12/1411952 – Armour Leather Christmas Party (800 employees /family attend)

11/5/1953 – NBA regular season game Milwaukee Hawks vs. Indianapolis Olympians. (Poor attendance would make this the last attempt to present NBA games in Sheboygan for 15 years when the Milwaukee Bucks would enter the league as an expansion team.)

11/24/1953 – Owen’s Lloyd Circus (sponsored by the Optimists Club)

2/8/1953 – Sheboygan Municipal Band

2/1411953 – UAW- Kohler Worker Association meeting held discussing terms of proposed labor contract, 2800 attend, labor contract is later approved

3/27/1953 – Northeast Wisconsin Education Association (over 5000 educators attended)! !

4/27/1953 -Food Convention and Dinner (sponsored by Schultz Brothers Company, 900 retailers/family attend)

5/311953 – Catholic Marion Rally (Coronation of the Mother of God festival) 2,500 attend

5/ 15-16/1953 – Scout-o-Rama 1953 (very large scouting event with over 2,000 Scouts and large crowds attending)

5/25/1953 -Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church Centennial Banquet

6/4/1953 – Due to rain, the combined Sheboygan high school graduation is moved from Vollrath Bowl to the Armory. The building maximum capacity was met and some hopeful spectators were turned away. 524 seniors graduated.

7/25/1953 – UAW-KW A authorize Kohler Company strike

10/1/1953 – Hollywood Circus (sponsored by Co. D of the Wisconsin National Guard)

11/11/1953 – Reformation Day Service (Lutheran)

1/15/1954 – Gene Autry” The Singing Cowboy” and his entourage perform

2/10/1954 – Republican Party holds Lincoln Day Dinner

4/22/1954 – Golden Gloves Boxing

5/2/1954 – Over 1,000 people attended the Catholic Marian Rally (Coronation of the Mother of God Festival)

5/5/1954 – Kohler union meeting of over 2,000 vote to accept terms of the Wisconsin Labor Relations Board that permits conditions for resuming negotiations over labor contract dispute! !

5/9/1954 – Food Convention and Dinner (sponsored by Schultz Brothers Company, 600 retailers/family attend)

5/13-14/1954 – Boy Scout Circus draws over 5,000 attendees over its two day run

5/22/1954 – Walter Reuther UA W-CIO President speaks to Kohler striking workers at Armory

6/10-12/1954 – American Dairy Association and the Sheboygan Chamber of Commerce

sponsor a festival celebrating all aspects of the local dairy industry

9/27/1954 – U.S. Marine Band

10/31/1954 – Reformation Day Service (Lutheran) draws 3,000

11/7/1954 – Wuerl Band

11/17/1954 – Emil Mazey from the national UAW offices speaks to Kohler workers at the Armory, 2,200 attend

11/22/1954 – St. Norbert’s vs. Mission House College basketball game. This was the first use of the Armory for basketball by Mission House. (Mission House was later to become Lakeland College and played many home games in the Armory until 1984)

12/9/1954 – Recollection Day service (Catholic) 900 attend

March 1955 – State High School Basketball Regionals held at the Armory. The Armory would house this event annually.

4/16/1955 – Sheboygan Kennel Club Dog Show

4/22/1955 – 1955 Scout-0-Rama

5/2/1955 – Catholic Marian Rally (Coronation of the Mother of God festival) 2,800 attend

6/11/1955 – Combined North/ Central High School graduation held at the Armory due to rain (over 4,200 people attended, once again over the maximum allowed attendance for such an event).

8/3/1955 – 2,000 striking Kohler workers meet to hear progress reports from negotiations being held in Chicago

10/6/1955 – U.S. Navy Band (2 shows, afternoon youth concert and a public evening concert)

10/30/1955 – (Lutheran) Reformation Sunday ceremony held for 2,500 celebrants.

11/1 /1955 – Harlem Globetrotters play/perform (1,300 attend)

11/13-14/1955 – Kiwanis Club circus

12/15/1955 – (Catholic) Day of Recollection ceremony

2/2/1956 – “Sports Night” Speaking event featuring a number of local and national sports celebrities draws 1500

12/4/1956 – March of Dimes Ball

2/12/1956 – Sheboygan Municipal Band

2/25/1956 – National Guard recruiting drive

4/14/1956 – Sheboygan Kennel Club Dog Show

5/3-5/1956 – Scout-0-Rama Circus (The first two days draw over 4,000)

5/6/1956 – Catholic Marion Rally (Coronation of the Mother of God festival) This is the sixth year holding this event at the Armory and 3,000 attend.

7/29/1956 – Barbershop Choir Competition (The Sheboygan entry in this competition would win and eventually compete in the national competition held in Los Angeles later this year.)

9/22/1956 – “Year in Harmony Concert” (barbershop). This is a fundraiser for the local group traveling to Los Angeles for the national competition.

10/17/1956 – Professional wrestling

10/20/1956 – Kiwanis Club circus

10/28/1956 – (Lutheran) Reformation Sunday Ceremony held (1,500 are in attendance)

11 /4/1956 – “Get out the Vote” (A voter registration drive conducted by William Proxmire, Democratic candidate for governor)

11/8/1956 – Wuerl Band

11/17/1956 – Fred Waring and the Pennsylvanians

11/21/1956 -The Armory is selected as the site of the Policeman’s Ball for the first time.

12/ 13/1956 – (Catholic) Day of Recollection ceremony

1/17 /1957 – Professional Wrestling returns to the Armory as over 3,000 attend.

2/4/1957 – Sheboygan Common Council passes a resolution allowing free use of the Armory to “worthy” organizations for non-spectator events. This is one aspect of an ongoing struggle within the council between elements who want the Armory to be self-supporting and those who desire the Armory to be available to the most uses.

2/16/1957 -March of Dimes Ball

2/21/1957 – Professional Wrestling

2/23/1957 – “Greater Sheboygan Incorporated” holds a rally promoting Sheboygan and Sheboygan businesses

3/3/1957 – Sheboygan Municipal Band

3/10/1957 – The Guy Lombardo Orchestra

3/ 14/1957 -Professional Wrestling

3/26-29/1957 – “Rhapsodies of Recipes Cooking School”

4/2/1957 – Rotary Banquet

4/9-11/1957 – Sheboygan Home Show (sponsored by the Sheboygan Employees Association)

4/18/1957 – Professional Wrestling

5/5/1957 – Catholic Marian Rally (Coronation of the Mother of God festival)

5/9/1957 – Professional Wrestling (Boxing great Joe Louis acts as referee for this event)

6/1/1957 -Barbershop Jamboree (1,000 attend event to raise funds for Sheboygan group to compete in international competition in Los Angeles)

6/9/1957 – UAW Local 833 Talent Show

7/16/1957 – Disabled American Vets Vaudeville and Variety Show

9/28/1957 – Barbershop Festival

10/10/1957 – Professional Wrestling

10/12/1957 – Kiwanis Club circus

10/27 /1957 – Lutheran Reformation Rally draws 1,400

11/14/1957 – Professional Wrestling

11/27/1957 – Policeman’s Ball

12/8/1957 – Wuerl Band

12/ 15/1957 – 500 attend Armour Leather Christmas Party

1/25/1958 – March of Dimes Bal

2/9/1958 – Sheboygan Municipal Band

2/27/1958 – Professional Wrestling

3/26/1958 – Professional Wrestling

3/28/1958 – Northeast Wisconsin Education Association convention draws over 5,000 educators. Participants unable to attend due to overcrowding are able to view activities via Sheboygan’s first use of close circuit television at the YMCA.

4/1/1958 – Armory to be used for Major and Junior A recreation basketball league games.

4/8-10/1958 – Sheboygan Home Show (sponsored by the Sheboygan Employees Association)

4/12-13/1958 – National Guard Open House event

4/ 19/1958 – 2,800 attend a labor rally

4/24/1958 – Professional Wrestling

4/26/1958 – Adams Brothers Circus performs

5/9-10/1958 – Scout-0-Rama 1958

6/14/1958 – Music by “The Crescendoss” (This is the first event referred to as a “teen dance”. Over the next sixteen years these events became increasingly popular.)

9/6-7/1958 – Custom Car Show

9/27/1958 – Barbershop Concert

10/1-4/1958 – Greatest Sale on Earth (Kuechle’s and Muller’s band together for Furniture and Appliance Sale)

10/1811958 – Policeman’s Ball

10/22/1958 – U.S. Marine Band

10/23/1958 – Professional Wrestling

10/31/1958 -The Armory gets a new roof

11/2/1958 – Reformation Day Service (Lutheran)

11/5/1958 – The Harlem Globetrotters play/perform for 3,700

11/11/1958 – Veteran’s Day Program

12/1/1958 – Wuerl Band

1/31/1959 – March of Dimes Ball

3/8/1959 – Sheboygan Municipal Band

3/12/1959 – Kiwanis Club International president speaks at a Kiwanis banquet held at the Armory

4/17 /1959 – Catholic Youth Concert (attended by 2,500)

4/21-23/1959 – Sheboygan Home Show (sponsored by the Sheboygan Employees Association)

5/2/1959 – Turners sponsored “Circus-Rama,” draws 3,500

5/23/1959 – Professional Wrestling (event relocated from its original Milwaukee booking)

9/19-2011959 – Kustom Car Show

9/2611959 – Barbershop Festival entertains 2,500

9/30/1959 – “Store Front” show (lighting fair)

10/17/1959 – Policeman’s Ball

11/1/1959 – (Lutheran) Reformation Rally Service (the largest Reformation Rally in the Armory with between 3,100 and 3,500 attending).

11/7/1959 – Kiwanis Public Auction

11/10/1959 – Recreation Basketball League is granted use of the Armory for the upcoming season.

11/29/1959 – Wuerl Band

12/ 12/1959 – Clown Show

1/13/1960 – Professional Wrestling

1/31/1960 – Sheboygan Redskin Reunion Game

2/17 /1960 – Professional Wrestling match draws 2,000

2/22-27 /1960 – National Guard Open House

3/1/1960 – Demonstration of Catholic Mass

3/19/1960 – Professional Wrestling

3/31/1960 – The Harlem Globetrotters play/perform for 3,200

4/9/1960 – Professional Wrestling

5/5/1960 – Professional Wrestling

5/12/1960 – Boy Scout Annual Meeting

5/18/1960 – The Johnny Cash Show (featuring Johnny Cash, Johnny Horton, and The Renegades)

5/26/1960 – The Tommy Dorsey Orchestra

6/19/1960 – Dance with Les Elgart Band ($25 Arthur Murray Dance lesson prize give away)

7 /2/1960 – Saengerfest Concert with The Sheboygan Orchestra

8/13-14/1960 – Kettle’s Kustom Car Show

9/ 11 /1960 – UAW Kohler workers meeting (Emil Mazey speaker) over 1, 700 attend.

9/24/1960 – “County Fair for Harmony” (barbershop) 2,500 draw

10/9/1960 – Lutheran Open House Week Rally

10/15-16/1960 – Compact Car Show

10/22/1960 – The Harlem Globetrotters play/perform for 2,500

11 /12/1960 – Professional Wrestling

11 /23/1960 – Policeman’s Ball

111/5/1960 – Teen Dance (music by Danny and his Crown Jewels and The Continental

12/18/1960 – Vollrath Company Christmas Party

11/9/1961 -The Hohner Accordion Symphony (made up entirely of harmonicas)

1/21/1961 – March of Dimes Dance

2/8/1961 – Sheboygan Municipal Band

2/22/1961 -Mayoral forum (sponsored by the Jaycees)

3/10-11/1961 – Camp and Boat Show (sponsored by Sears)

4/12/1961 – Approximately 750 attend a meat cooking school

4/13/1961 – Discoverer XIV (space satellite) put on display

4/16/1961 – PT A Convention Banquet

4/2911961 -Teen Dance (music by The Renegades and The Teen Kings)

5/13/1961 – Teen Dance (music by Mad Man Michaels and The Legends)

5/18/1961 – hypnotist/ telepath “Dr. Franz Polgar”

5/20-21/1961 – Large stamp show (18 presenters)

7/1611961 – Barbershop Regionals draw 1,500

8/1/1961 – “Grand Ole Opry” (Country and Western)

8/5-6/1961 – KMMK Custom Car Show

9/22/1961 – Teen Dance (music by The Renegades and The Thunderbirds)

10/12/1961 – 4-H Achievement Program

10/14/1961 – Policeman’s Ball

10/1 9/1961 – Professional Wrestling ticket prices cut

10/28/1 961 -The Harlem Globetrotters play/perform

10/29/1961 – (Lutheran) Reformation Sunday Celebration

11/2/1961 – Professional Wrestling11/2211961 -Teen Scholarship Fund Dance (music by The Renegades and The Furies

11/26/1961 – Wuerl Band

11/30/1961 – Professional Wrestling (includes one wrestler going up against a bear)

1/18/1962 – Professional Wrestling

1/31/1962 – Sheboygan Municipal Band

3/11/1962 – Girl Scouts celebrate 50th. Anniversary

4/14/1962 – Teen Dance (music by The Legends) (Milwaukee)

4/29/1962 – Auditions for a local musical review

5/5/1962 – Teen Dance (music by The Teen Kings)

5/1111962 – Teen Dance (music by The Exciting Electras and The Marvelous Mad Lads)(Milwaukee bands)

5/19/1962 -Teen Dance (music by The Legends)

5/21/1962 – the Armory is offered at no cost to hold musical events for raising funds to build a new bandshell in Fountain Park

5/26/1962 – Teen Dance (music provided by The Legends and The Sensational Supremes)(Milwaukee bands)

7/13/1962 – Jehovah Witness District Assembly has over 2,000 attendants/ 94 new ministers baptized

8/9/1962 – “Galaxy of Stars” concert (Bobby Vinton, Gene Pitney and The Bachelors)

10/21/1962 – Large kick-off for a public oral polio vaccination

10/28/1962 – Lutheran Reformation Rally

10/30/1962 – CYO “Gala Halloween Dance” (music by The Midnighters and The Renegades)

11/24/1962 – “&” Calysonians and Tony Winter Show moved from the Playdium for one night only

11/25/1962 – Wuerl Band

11 /28/1962 – Fred Waring and the Pennsylvanians perform for a crowd of 3,000

1/10/1963 – Ann Landers is the guest speaker at the Sheboygan Association of Commerce meeting (725 attend)

1/31/1963 – Sheboygan Municipal Band

2/23/1963 – CYO “Gala Mardi Gras Dance” (music by The Legends) (Milwaukee)! !

3/4/1963 – The Armory and Lakeland College are awarded a home game in the upcoming state NAIA basketball play-offs. As Lakeland begins a twelve year run as conference champions and basketball powerhouse, these become almost yearly events. (Lakeland loses to Carroll College in front of 2,400 fans.)

3/ 14-16/1963 – Camping and Boat Show (sponsored by Sears)

3/30/1963 – The Harlem Globetrotters play/perform

4/5/1963 – NWEA (teachers) convention held at North High and the Armory. Over 6,000 educators from fourteen countys were represent.

5/11-12/1963 – Scout-0-Rama 1963 crowd is the largest to ever yet attend a Scout- 0-Rama to date

5/17 /1963 – Jehovah Witness Convention

5/19-21/1963 – Knights of Columbus Convention and Banquet

6/2/1963 – North/ South combined graduation held at the Armory due to rain. ( 612 students graduated) Due to the growing number of graduating students and their guests, this would be the last of these combined graduations to be held indoors


8/3/1963 – Trumpeter Al Hirt perform for 2,000 at the Armory in a Bratwurst Days concert.

10/2/1963 – U.S. Marine Band performs for over an audience of over 5,000 (standing room only)

10/5/1963 – American Legion Testimonial speaker event

10/17 /1963 – The New Christie Minstrels perform for 2,000

10/27/1963 – Lutheran Reformation Sunday Ceremonies fill the Armory to capacity

11/10/1963 – “The Grand 01? Opry” returns to the Armory

11/27/1963 – CYO Teen Dance (music by Chevrons) (Milwaukee)

12/31/1963 – Teen Dance (music by The Teen Kings)

2/9/1964 – Sheboygan Municipal Band

2/27-29/1964 – Camping and Boat Show (sponsored by Sears)

4/3/1964 – The Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra

4/8/1964 – The Harlem Globetrotters to play/perform

4/11/1964 -Teen Dance (music by The Chantells)

4/12/1964 – “The Midwest Hootenanny Festival” comes to the Armory to raise funds for improving the facilities at the Sheboygan Quarry.

4/23/1964 – The Lakeland Band performs to a crowd of 700

5/19-21/1964 – Wisconsin Federation of Women’s Clubs Meeting

8/1/1964 -The Ralph Martare Band

10/8/1964 – “The Good Time Singers,” 800 fans

11/1/1964 – Lutheran Reformation Sunday ceremonies fill the Armory to capacity


11/25/1964 – CYO Dance (music by The Stagemen)

11/29/1964 – Wuerl Band

11/30/1965 – Lakeland College Fine Arts Series schedule (some events take place at the Armory)

1/19/1965 – Sheboygan Association of Commerce 50th Anniversary Celebration and Dinner. Professional baseball owner and innovator Bill Veeck is the guest speaker for 500 attendees.

1/27 /1965 – The Sheboygan Chamber of Commerce welcomes speaker Dr. Norman Vincent Peale

2/7/1965 – “John Howard Griffin,” journalist and author of “Black Like Me” speaks before 3,800 (sponsored by The Sheboygan Human Rights Program).

2/8/1965 – Sheboygan Municipal Band

2/10/1965 – Sheboygan City Employees Credit Union Annual Meeting and 10 year Anniversary Party (This event was originally scheduled for 1/23/1964, but was postponed due to a snowstorm).

2/18-20/1965 – Camping and Boat Show (sponsored by Sears)

2/22/1965 – Mayoral forum (sponsored by the Jaycees)

3/7 /1965 – Sheboygan All Stars (local standouts) vs. the Green Bay Packers (actual Packer players)

3/2111965 – Color guard competition sponsored by the Sheboygan Accents Drill Team. (16 groups from Illinois and Wisconsin competed before 1,000 spectators in the first of many of these events).

3/26/1965 – Teen Dance (music by The Matadors and Fugitives)

3/19/1965 – Sadie Hawkins Dance (music by the all-girl band The Cameos) (Milwaukee)

4/3/1965 – Teen Dance (music by The Ricochettes (Milwaukee)

4/4/1965 – The Texas Cowgirls vs. a reunion of former Sheboygan Redskins players. (sponsored by the Sheboygan Deputies) 2,000 attend

4/9/1965 – The Chieftones

4/17/1965 – “Shindig” is held (music is provided by The Matadors, The El Dorados, The Chain Gang and Dick and the Destinations)

4/23/1965 -Teen Dance (music by The Savoys)

5/2/1965 – St Nicholas Hospital Diamond Jubilee Banquet celebrating 75 years of service

517/1965 – Teen Dance (music provided by The Fabulous Prophets) (Milwaukee)

5/12/1965 -The Pee Wee King Band

5/18/1965 – “Meat for Modern Living” program and demo

5/21/1965 -Teen Dance (music by The Chain Gang)

5/30/1965 – Teen Dance (music by Kookie and the Premiers)

6/10/1965 – Sheboygan North/South High School “Gala Graduation Dance” takes place (national band The Hollywood Argyles perform)

6/16/1965 – “Shell-o-Rama” a fund raiser for the Fountain Park Band Shell featuring a variety of acts.

7/4/1965 – July 4th. Teen Dance (music by The Matadors)

7/18/1965 – Teen Dance (music by The Savoys and The Epics)

8/24/1965 – Teen Dance (music by The Prophets) (Milwaukee)

9/24/1965 -Teen Dance (music by The Matadors)

10/2/1965 – Teen Dance (music by The Matadors)

10/5/1965 – The Buccaneer Drill Team Banquet and Award program for 1965

10/30/1965 – Lakeland coach, Duane “Moose” Woltzen, holds the first of what would become highly attended annual coaching clinics.

10/31/1965 – Lutheran Reformation Sunday ceremonies fill the Armory to capacity

11/6/1965 – The Harlem Globetrotters play/perform for 3,000

11/20/1965 – “Shindig” is held

11/24/1965 – Teen Dance (music by The Prophets)(Milwaukee)

11 /26/1965 – The Sheboygan Common Council authorizes Recreation Department use of the Armory two days a week for basketball.

11/6/1966 – “Shindig” held (music by Mickey, Them and Us and The Ventures) also appearing is an artist known as Bob Dylan from Milwaukee, not the more famous Bob from Minnesota.

1/22/1 966 – “Shindig” held (music by The Herd, The Pleasure Seekers and “?”)

2/6/1 966 -Teen Valentine Dance (music by The Matadors)

2/12/1966 – Teen Dance (music by The Vikings, The Stone Marks, The Statesmen and The Cicadas)

2/21/1966 – Wisconsin Holstein Association Banquet

2/24-26/1966 – Camp and Boat Show (sponsored by Sears)

3/2/1966 – Lakeland College wins the state title in men’s basketball and qualifies for the National Tournament in Kansas City, Missouri. They would win one game before being eliminated in the round of 16.!

3/12/1966 – Teen Dance (music provided by The Chevrons and The Matadors)

3/1 9/1966 – Teen Dance (music by Shane-Todd and the Gentlemen) (Madison)

3/26/1966 – Teen Dance (music is provided by The Savoys and The El Dorados

3/27 /1966 – The Texas Cowgirls vs. a reunion of former Sheboygan Redskins players (sponsored by the Sheboygan Deputies) 1,600 attend

3/29/1966 – Martha Logan Cooking School

4/2/1966 – Teen Dance (music provided by The Stonemarks and The Condors)

41611966 – Teen Dance (music by Eli and the Deacons)

4/9/1966 – Teen Dance (music provided by The Matadors and The Auroras)

4/12/1966 – Professional Wrestling returns to the Armory after a three year absence. 1,500 attend

4/24/1966 – “The Grand 0le Opry” returns to the Armory

4/16/1966 -Teen Dance (music by The Prophets) (Milwaukee)

4/26/1966 – Professional Wrestling

4/28/1966 – Teen Dance (music by The Matadors, The Condors and The Essex)

4/29-30/1966 – Scout-0-Rama is held

5/7/1966 – Teen Dance (music by The Chevrons)

5/14/1966 -Teen Dance (music by The Chevrons)

5/20/1966 – The Muscular Dystrophy Association conducts a fundraiser dance (music by The Matadors)

5/21/1966 – Teen Dance (music provided by The Stonemarks and The Grasshoppers)

5/29/1966 – Teen Dance (music provided by The Sandmen and The Traditions) Sheboygan North/South High School “Surfing – aGo Goo” Graduation Dance takes place (music by Freddie Cannon and The Robbs

6/4/1966 -Teen Dance (music by The Stonemarks)

6/12/1966 -Teen Dance (music by The Condors)

6/19/1966 – Teen Dance (music by The Matadors)

6/21/1966 – Sheboygan Common Council approves use of the Armory by Recreation Department basketball leagues for the 1966-1967 Season.

6/21/1966 – “June is Dairy Month” Cooking School

6/26/1966 – Teen Dance (music by The Portraits) (Milwaukee)

7/3/1966 -Teen Dance (music by The Prophets) (Milwaukee)

7/9/1966 – Teen Dance “Battle of the Bands” (The Marquis vs. The Chantillys)

7 /10/1966 – Teen Dance (music provided by The Condors and The Torries)

7/17/1966 -Teen Dance (music by The Grasshoppers)

7/24/1966 – Teen Dance (music by The Stonemarks)

7/30/1966 -Teen Dance (music by The Gremlins and The Couriers) (both from Milwaukee)

8/6/1966 – Bratwurst Days Teen Dance (music by The Portraits) (Milwaukee) and The Matadors

8/13/1966 – Teen Dance (music by The Burgundyss) (Madison)

8/20/1966 – Teen Dance (music provided by The Oppositions) (Whitewater)

8/26/1966 – Teen Dance (music by The Primates and The London Street) Kimberley)

9/3/1966 – Teen Dance (music by The Milwaukee Showmen and The Gringos)

9/10/1966 – Teen Dance (music by The Portraits) (Milwaukee)

9/21/1966 – Former U.S. Vice President Richard M. Nixon speaks on behalf of Republican congressional delegates and candidates, 3,400 attend.

9/24/1966 – Teen Dance (music by Friday and The Weekenders)

10/1/1966 -Teen Dance (music provided by The She Five and The Dark Shadows)

10/2/1966 – “Religious Festival” Bishop Rueben Mueller is the guest speaker

10/4-6/1966 – Sheboygan Home Show (sponsored by the Sheboygan Employees Association)

10/8/1966 -Teen Dance (music by The Stonemarks)

10/15/1966 – Teen Dance (music by Peter Rusch (Indianapolis)

10/22/1966 -Teen Dance “Battle of the Bands” (The Gringos vs. The Primates)

10/23/1966 – Vice-President Hubert H Humphrey speaks supporting Democratic candidates (2800 attend)

10/29/1966 – Halloween Teen Dance (music provided by The Calientes) (Madison)

10/30/1966 – Lutheran Reformation Day service (2,650 attend)

11 /2/1966 – Teen Dance (music by The Prophets) (Milwaukee)

11/5/1966 – Teen Dance (music provided by The Matadors and The Mystics)

11/11/1966 – USO Benefit Dance (music provided by the The Messengers) (Milwaukee)

11/12/1966 – Teen Dance (music by The Matadors)

11/17/1966 – Fred Waring and the Pennsylvanians “50th. Anniversary Tour” performance

11/18/1966 – CYO Dance (music provided by Johnny and the Thunderbirds) (Waukesha)

11/19/1966 – Teen Dance (music by The Finders Keepers

11/231/ 966 – Teen Dance (music provided by Sammy McHugh and the Legends)

11/25/1966 – Teen Dance (music by The New Monacos)

11/26/1966 – Teen Dance (music by The Portraits) (Milwaukee)

12/2/1966 -Teen Dance (music by Johnny and the Walkers and The Impalas) (Milwaukee)

12/4/1966 – Sheboygan Drill Team Pageant involving twenty teams from throughout the Midwest. 1,000 attend.

12/17 /1966 – Teen Dance (music by Friday and The Weekenders)

12/20/1966 -Actor Pat O’Brien performs monologue

12/25/1966 – Teen Dance (music by The Couriers) (Manitowoc)

12/27 /1966 – Professional Wrestling

12/29/1 966- 1/2/1967 – The Chieftones

12/31/1966 – New Years Teen Dance (music by The Dimensions)

1/7/1967 -Teen Dance (music by Robin and the Three Hoods)

1/20/1967 – Sheboygan’s first “Battle of the Bands” competition sponsored by the Sheboygan Jaycees (ten local bands compete for cash prizes and the right to compete in the state competition) over 1,000 attend.

1/21/1967 -Teen Dance (music by The 4 is 4?s and The Tarries

1/28/1967 -Teen Dance (music by The Legends)

2/4/1967 – Teen Dance (music by The Robbs) (Milwaukee)

2/10/1967 -Teen Dance (music by The Prophets) (Milwaukee)

2/18/1967 – Teen Dance (music by Robin and the Three Hoods

2/20/1967 – Sheboygan Municipal Band

2/24-2611967 – Camp and Boat Show (sponsored by Sears)

3/4/1967 – Teen Dance (music by The Ants and The Societys) (both from Green Bay)

3/5/1967 – Drill team competition sponsored by The Accents

3/6/1967 – State College NAIA basketball championship game at the Armory (Lakeland loses to UW Oshkosh)

3/11/1967 – Teen Dance (music by The Gentlemen) (Madison)

3/18/1967 – Teen Dance (music by The Bandits) (La Crosse)

3/22/1967 – Teen Dance (music by The Gentrys) (Florida)

3/25/1967 – Teen Dance (music by Friday and The Weekenders)

3/31 /1967 – Teen Dance (music by The Wellingtons and Mickey, They and Them)

4/111967 -Teen Dance (music by The Robbs) (Milwaukee)

4/6/1967 – CYO Teen Dance (music by The Hungry Eyes)

4/9/1967 – Red Cross measles immunization for children

4/15/1967 – Teen Dance (music provided by The 7 Wanders and The Primates)

4/28-30/1967 – Wisconsin Young Republican Convention

5/6/1967 -Teen Dance (music by Elite Society and The Portraits) (Milwaukee) This event is a fund raiser for the Sheboygan Humane Society)

5/13/1967 – Teen Dance (provided by Michael and the Messengers)

5/18/1967 – Police Benevolent Association Ball featuring the music of “The Singing Cowboy “Tex Ritter

5/21/1967 – A public tetanus vaccination is held

5/20/1967 – Teen Dance (music by The Harlequins and Syndicate of Sound)

5/27/1967 -Teen Dace (music by The Crying Shames)

6/3/1967 – Teen Dance (music is provided by The Grim Reapers) (Rockford)

6/8/1967 – Sheboygan North/South combined graduation dance and party with the theme “Expo 67.” Entertainment is provided by four Chicago bands.

6/10/1967 -Teen Dance (music by The Riddles) (Chicago)

6/24/1967 – Teen Dance (music by The Bogis Chimes and The Portraits) (Both of Milwaukee)

6/26/1967 – Vollrath Company employees UAW Meeting

6/3111967 – Teen Dance (music provided by The Mystics and Elite Society)

7/8/1967 – Teen Dance (music by The Girl Watchers)

7/15/1967 -Teen Dance (music provided by The Individuals and Elite Society)

7/22/1967 -Teen Dance (music by The Skunks) (Milwaukee)

7/29/1967 – Teen Dance (music by The Gremlins and The Rubber Bands) (both of Milwaukee)

8/12/1967 – A dance is held to benefit the Sheboygan Redwing Football Club. Music provided by The Sounds of Time and Spoken Word.

8/12/1967 – 2nd. Annual Jaycee “Battle of the Bands”

8/19/1967 -Teen Dance (music by The Nexts) (Milwaukee)

8/20/1967 – The Weisloch Heidelburg Madrigal Choir performs for crowd of 620 (sponsored by People-to-People)

8/22/1967 – The “Pranges/Dupont Back to School Style Show and Rock & Roll Concert.” Music is performed by Tommy James and the Shondelles.

8/26/1967 – Teen Dance (music by The Destinations)

9/2/1967 – Teen Dance (music provided by Elite Society and Yesterdays Children)

9/10/1967 – Candidates forum for State Assembly is held. These events, when held for local office garnered little public support. This event drew 150 attendees.

9/16/1967 -Teen Dance (music provided by Elite Society and The Skunks) (Milwaukee)

9/23/1967 – Teen Dance (music by Next 5) (Milwaukee)

9/30/1967 -Teen Dance (music by The Mauds) (Milwaukee)

10/3-5/1967 – Sheboygan Home Show (sponsored by the Sheboygan Employees Association)

10/7/1967 -Teen Dance (music by The Robbs and Spoken Word) (both from Milwaukee)

10/14/1967 – Teen Dance (music by The Messengers)

10/19/1967 – U. S. Marine Band

10/21 /1967 – Lakeland coach, Duane “Moose” Woltzen, holds his basketball player and coach clinics.

10/29/1967 – Lutheran Reformation Sunday ceremonies, draw 2,500.

11/1/1967 – Teen Dance (music by The Destinations)

11/4/1967 – Teen Dance (music is provided by The Pictures and Dimensions)

11/11/1967 -Teen Dance (music by The Baroques) (California)

11/19/1967 – Teen Dance (music by Elite Society and The Prophets) (Milwaukee)

11 /22/1967 – CYO Teen Dance (music by The Invasion and The Royals) (both from Milwaukee)

11 /26/1967 – Wuerl Band

12/8/1967 – Teen Dance (music by Michael and The Messengers)

12/13/1967 – The Lakeland basketball team defeats Finnish Olympic National Team in exhibition game

12/23/1967 – Christmas Teen Dance (music by Next 5)

12/30/1967 -Teen Dance (music provided by Elite Society and The Range) (Milwaukee)

1/13/1968 – Sheboygan County “Battle of the Bands”

2/3/1968 – Teen Dance (music by The Robbs) (Milwaukee)

2/10/1968 – Valentines Teen Dance (music provided by The Cryin’ Shames)

2/18/1968 – Sheboygan Municipal Band

2/27 /1968 – State College NAlA basketball championships at the Armory (Lakeland defeats Carthage College before losing to UW Oshkosh the following night.)

3/4/1968 – Scholarship Teen Dance is held. Music provided by Elite Society, Love Society and The Royals.

3/9/1968 -Teen Dance (music by The Destinations and The Loyal Opposition)

3/16/1968 – Teen Dance (music by The Destinations and Next 5) (Milwaukee)

3/17/1968 – “Accents on Guard” drill team competition is held.

3/22-25/1968 – Sheboygan Home Show (sponsored by the Sheboygan Employees Association)

3/30/1968 – Teen Dance (music by The New Colony Six)

4/5/1968 – NWEA (teachers) convention held at North High and the Armory. Over 7 ,000 educators from fourteen countries were represented. SheVegas guess Counties, not Countries

4/13/1968 – Teen Dance (music by Tony’s Tigers)

4/16/1968 – Martha Logan, Swift and Companies Cooking School

4/17/1968 -Teen Dance (music by Speedy and the Alka Seltzers) (Detroit)

4/20/1968 – Teen Dance (music by “?” and the Mysterians) (national group from Bay City Michigan)

5/2/1968 – Teen Dance (music provided by The 13th Precinct) (Los Angeles)

5/3-4/1968 – l 968 Scout-a-Rama is held in the Armory!

5/5/1968 – U.S. Army Field Band and Chorus performs in front of 1,200.

5/11/1968 – Teen Dance (music by Robin and the Three Hoods)

5/12/1968 – The Grand ole’ Opry!

5/18/1968 – Teen Dance (music by Little Boys Blue Band) (Manitowoc)

5/25/1968 – Teen Masquerade Dance is held (music by Elite Society and The Royals)

6/1/1968 – Wilson Pickett in concert (Harvey and the Seven Sounds from Dubuque open the show)

6/8/1968 – Teen Dance (music by The Koroners) (Dubuque)

6/12/1968 – The National Basketball League determines that regular season league games can not be played at the Armory due to lack of space behind the end lines, but is approved for exhibition games. This comes up in reference to the newly franchised Milwaukee Buck team bringing NBA basketball back to Sheboygan in some capacity

6/29/1968 – Teen Dance (music by The Dimensions)

8/3/1968 – Teen Dance (music by The Loyal Opposition and Pillars of Sound

8/10/1968 – Dance to benefit the Sheboygan Quarry (music by Tony’s Tigers and The Skunks) (Milwaukee)

8/13/1968 -Teen Dance (music by Act ill)

8/17/1968 – Teen Dance (music provided by The Grease and The Sneak Experience)

8/21/1968 -Teen Dance (music by The Dimensions and The Reflections)

8/24/1968 – Teen Dance (music by The Invaders)

8/31/1968 – Teen Dance (music by The Butterscotch Groves)

9/4/1968 – Teen Dance (music by The Rogues) (Milwaukee)

9/6/1968 – World Vision Korean Children’s Choir perform for a crowd of 2,000.

9/7/1968 – Teen Dance (music by The Loyal Opposition, The Destinations (Milwaukee) and Secret (Green Bay))

9/14/1968 -Teen Dance (music by The Royals and Blues Magoos) (New York)

9/21/1968 – Teen Dance (music by The Skunks and The Carosels) (both from Milwaukee)

9/27/1968 -Teen Dance (music by Mothers Worry) (Milwaukee)

10/5/1968 – Teen Dance (music by Reflections and The Fast Backs (Milwaukee)

10/11/1968 – 1, 100 fans show up for an exhibition game between the NBA Atlanta Hawks and Milwaukee Bucks

10/12/1968 – Teen Dance (music provided by The Bubbles Brothers) (Chicago)

10/13/1968 – Lakeland coach Duane “Moose” Woltzen holds his basketball camp

10/ 19/1968 -Teen Dance (music by Love Society)

10/27 /1968 – 1,000 show up for the “Steiger Tiger” political rally

I 0/27 /1968 – Lutheran Reformation Sunday service is conducted at the Armory. 2,700 attend.

10/28/1968 – Republican pre-election political rally!

11/2/1968 – Teen Dance (music by The New Mowed Lawn (Chicago) and The Tykes (Milwaukee)

11/3/1968 – The Harlem Globetrotters play/perform before a crowd of 1,300.

11/6/1968 -Teen Dance (music by The Mauds)

11/9/1968 -Teen Dance (music by The Tigers and The Carosels) (both from Milwaukee)

11/16/1968 – Teen Dance (music by The Mini-Chrystals)

11/27/1968 – Teen Dance (music by Loyal Opposition and Major Minor’s Machine) (Milwaukee)

11/30/1968 – Teen Dance (music by R.B. and The Showmen and The Sounds Unknown)

1/4/1969 -Teen Dance (music by Love Society and The Phase III)

1/11 /1969 – Teen Dance (music by The Pies and Serum Band)

1/25/1969 – The Bill French Memorial Fund Raiser. This concert/ dance had five bands perform.


2/1/1969 – Annual Sheboygan Battle of the Bands

2/8/1969 – Lakeland College holds a football clinic

2/15/1969 – Valentines Teen Dance, four bands perform

2/16/1969 -The Buccaneer Drill Team holds Pageant of Precision competition (20 groups representing three states compete before crowd of 500)

2/24/1969 – The first round Wisconsin NAIA State Basketball Tournament game as Lakeland College again qualifies.

3/1/1969 – Teen Dance (music by The Loyal Opposition, The Royals and Broken House)! !

3/23/1969 – International Folk Fest


4/2/1969 – Teen Dance (music by The Corporation)

4/5/1969 – Teen Dance (music by The Vic Pitts Cheaters)

4/11/1969 – Regional Battle of the Bands

4/12/1969 – Police Benefit Concert featuring performance by Hank Williams Jr.

1DA95186-566C-4CDE-B23A-6F80458F68FF.PNGIt Came From The Sheboygan Armory

4/19/1967 – Teen Dance (music by The Dynamic Exploits and The Cloud)

4/26/1969 – Teen Dance (music by Jam and The Raw Meat) (Milwaukee)

4/28/1969 – Rally supporting the Tuition-Reimbursement Bill for Parochial Schools. This five county regional event is sponsored by The Citizens for Educational Freedom.

5/3/1969 – Teen Dance (music by Love Society)

5/9/1969 – Teen Dance (music by The Corporation, The Raw Meat (Milwaukee) and The Syndicate of Sound (Oshkosh))

5/17/1969 – Lakeshore Technical Institute holds benefit dance featuring three bands

5/24/1969 – Teen Dance (music by The Skunks and The Kids Nextdoor) (Milwaukee)

5/31/1969 – Teen Dance (music by The Unchanged Minds)

6/5/1969 – The combined Sheboygan North and South graduation party is held at the Armory with the theme “Sayanara.” Between 1,400 and 1,500 attend.

7/1/1969 -Teen Dance sponsored by The Sheboygan Youth Alliance (music by The Raw Meat and Grease (Milwaukee), The Syndicate of Sound (Oshkosh), and The Loyal Opposition.

7/5/1969 – Teen Dance (music by The Prodigal Sons)

7/12/1969 – “Country Extravaganza Concert” featuring Stonewall Jackson, Roy Acuff and George Hamilton

7/29/1969 – Movies are shown in the Armory.

7/31 /1969- Musical Youth International 1969 performs

8/2/1969 – Teen Dance (music by Underground Sunshine)

8/21/1969 – Teen Dance (music by The Royals and The Loyal Opposition). This is a ‘band break-up’ dance for these two local groups.

8/23/1969 – Teen Dance (music by Tryad and The Myst) (Manitowoc)

9/20/1969 – Teen Dance (music by Love Society and The Phase III)

9/27/1969 – Rock Concert featuring bands from the Wisconsin State Fair on tour.

9/29/1969 – “The Searching Generation Youth Rally” (Campus Life)

10/4/1969 -Teen Dance (music by The Raw Meat, The Ox and The Short Stuff) (Milwaukee)

10/21-23/1969 – Passion Play is performed

11/2/1969 – Lutheran Reformation Sunday ceremony is attended by over 2,500.

11/5/1969 -Teen Dance (music by Woodbine) (Omaha

11 /15/1969 – Teen Dance (music by The Bethlehem Boogie Band and Rainy Day (Detroit and Chicago respectively)

11/18/1969 – Wuerl Band

11/23/1969 – Teen Dance (music by The Skunks and The Ox both from Milwaukee)

11/26/1969 -Teen Dance (music by The Loyal Opposition and The Raw Meat) (Milwaukee

11/29/1969 – Teen Dance (music by The Objects and Fastback) (Milwaukee)

12/7/1969 – Vollrath Company Christmas Party for 850 children of employees

12/21-22/1969 – Snowmobile Show

2/21/1970 – Scholarship Teen Dance featuring the music of six local bands.

3/ 13/1970 – Sheboygan Battle of the Bands 1970

3/23/1970 – “International Ice Review” (sponsored by Lakeland College Fine Arts Series)

4/4/1970 – Country Music Spectacular featuring Tammy Wynette, George Jones and Harold Morrison

4/5/1970 – International Folk fest returns to the Armory, over 4,000 attend.

4/9/1970 – Teen Dance (music by The Music Foundation, The Free and The Dawn)

4/19/1970 -J.F.K. Prep High School “Music Explosion” featuring the music of Irish tenor Joe Feeney of the Lawrence Welk Show takes place.

4/25/1970 – A “Hunger March” Teen Dance takes place (music by Manny and the Imperials and The Tryad)

5/2/1970 – The U.S. Army Field Band and Chorus perform for a crowd of 3,700.

5/9/1970 – Teen Dance (music by The Tryad)

5/23/1970 – Teen Dance (music by Freight Train and Freedom)

6/4/1970 – Combined North/South High School graduation party is held, 1,200 attend an “Age of Aquarius” themed event


6/17 /1970 – Teen Dance music by The Raw Meat and Barefat (Milwaukee and Fond du Lac respectively)

7 /1/1970 – Teen Dance (music by Soup and The Raw Meat)

7/18/1970 -The band Vanilla Fudge (national) performs a concert

7/30/1970 – Teen Dance (music by Harvey and the Sounds)

8/26/1970 -Teen Dance (music by The Bowery Boys)

9/20/1970 – Kohler Company UAW employee labor contract vote is held

9/30/1970 – Senior citizens dance

10/2/1970 – Rising country star Hank Williams Jr. performs

10/10/1970 – Teen Dance (music by The Bowery Boys)

11/1/1970 – Lutheran Reformation Sunday Ceremony is attended by over 2,000.

11/4/1970 – CYO Scholarship Teen Dance is held (music by Underground Sunshine and Toad)

11 /16/1970 – Sheboygan city-school budget meeting takes place, only 175 attend

12/3/1970 – Professional Wrestling , 2,700 attend

12/8/1970 – Lakeland College’s Men’s Basketball team loses to the Swedish National Team in exhibition game

12/23/1970 -Teen Dance (music by Yukon Tulip)

11/16/1971 – The Buccaneers Drill Team holds a benefit to raise money for new uniforms. Over 2,000 attend.

11/21/1971 – Professional Wrestling

3/4-7/1971 – Camping and Boat Show (sponsored by Sears)

3/23/1971 – “International Ice Review” (sponsored by the Lakeland College Fine Arts Series)

3/25/1971 – Professional Wrestling

3/28/1971 – International Folk Fest

4/3/1971 – Teen Dance (music by The Skunks) (Milwaukee)

4/7/1971 – Rock Festival – 9 bands – 71/2 hours

4/1211971 – Guy Lombardo and his Royal Canadians (big band) perform in concert

4/20/1971 – Teen Dance (music by Eden Stone, Glass Fog Father Time, Heap and Stix N stones)

4/22/1971 -Teen Dance (music by The Messengers, The Raw Meat and Bogie Man)

5/15-1611971 – Wisconsin State Stamp Collection Convention (4,000-5,000 attend the two day event)

5/21/1971 -The Sheboygan Optimists Club sponsors The Kellner’s Circus

circus armory

5/27/1971 – Teen Dance (music by The Bowery Boys)

6/10/1971 – Combined North/South High School graduation party. 1,000 attend a “Roaring 70’s” themed event.!

7/7/1971 – Professional Wrestling

8/1/1971 – The Hanneford Circus (sponsored by the Kiwanis)

9/10/1971 – Teen Dance (music by Danny Downs and the Upbeats and Judas Goat)

10/21 /1971 – U.S. Marine Band

10/31/1971 – Reformation Day Service (Lutheran)

1114/1971 – Teen Dance (music by Bogie Man, Professional Mold, Judas Goat and The Music Foundation)

11/24/1971 – CYO Scholarship Teen Dance (music by Black Society and Father Time)

11/29/1971 – City budget meeting

2/9/1972 – Country Music Spectacular featuring Conway Twitty and Loretta Lynn

2/13/1972 -Accent Drill Team competition (1,500 attend)

3/12/1972 – “Our American Heritage” a celebration of the sixtieth anniversary of the Girl Scouts (2,000attend)

3/21/1972 – Roller Derby “Jolters vs. Eagles”

3/26/1972 – Professional performance of “Jesus Christ Superstar” (Rock Opera)

3/30/1972 – Teen Dance (music by Shortstuff and Lightfoot)

4/3/1972 – Republican presidential candidate George Wallace speaks on campaign stop (Walter Cronkite covered for CBS News)

4/15/1972 – Variety Show I Brat Fry (sponsored by Sheboygan Youth Band)

5/2/1972 – Hanneford Circus (sponsored by Sheboygan Youth Band)

5/6/1972 – U.S. Army Field Band concert, 3,500 attend

6/6/1972 – City Councilman Mark Eggebeen proposes selling or leasing the Armory stating the rent doesn’t meet the operating costs.

6/8/1972 – Combined North/South Graduation celebration is held with a casino theme.

6/16-18/1972 – Jehovah Witness Convention

7/9/1972 – “Kids from Wisconsin” from UW Madison perform (sponsored by the Buccaneer Drill Team)

7/20/1972 – Professional Wrestling

9/21/1972 – Wayne King the Waltz King

9/26/1972 – “Youth for McGovern Rock Show” (political rally in support of Democratic presidential candidate George McGovern featuring the bands Hayward/ Love Society/ Smile)

9/30-10/1/1972 – Snowmobile Show

10/22/1972 – The Harlem Globetrotters play/perform

10/29/1972 – Reformation Day Service (Lutheran)

11/16-17 /1972 – David Wilkerson, author of “The Cross and the Switchblade” speaks (Sponsored by the CYO)

11120/1972 – The Sheboygan city budget meeting is held.

12/30-31/1972 – Jehovah Witness Convention

11/9/1973 – Professional Wrestling

1/28/1973 – Buccaneer Drill Team competition

2/12/1973 – Accent Drill Team competition (2,000 attend)

3/3/1973 – The Green Bay Packers vs. The Texas Cowgirls in exhibition basketball game, sponsored by Kiwanis Club

3/18/1973 – Professional Wrestling

3/24-25/1973 – Sports Show

4/14/1973 – Dr. Hook and the Medicine Show perform in concert.

4/4/1973 – The National Guard returns to the Armory after moving operations to Plymouth for two years.

5/4/1973 – Professional Wrestling

5/4/1973 – REO Speedwagon opened by Happy Day and Love Society performance

5/5/1973 – “Country Western Show” (sponsored by Policeman’s Benevolent Association)

5/18/1973 – Professional Wrestling

5/20/1973 – A very large flea market is held

5/24/1973 – The Holiday Hippodrome Circus

5/26/1973 – The Hollies, Muldoon and One Eyed Jacks perform in concert

6/2-3/1973 – Jehovah Witness Convention

7 /14/1973 – Canned Heat is booked to perform for this date. They cancel and REO Speedwagon is fills the bill.

7/2111973 – Frankie Yankovic and his orchestra

7 /29/1973 – “Country Music Circus” – A country music -wild west show

9/23/1973 – Kohler Company UAW employee labor contract vote is held

10/5-7/1973 – The Nicky Cruz Christian Crusade

10/28/1973 – Lutheran Reformation Sunday services

11/4/1973 – Professional Wrestling

11/12/1973 -The Annual city budget meeting is held

11/21–23/1973 – Wishbone Ash and REO Speedwagon play to a crowd estimated to be 5,000 (past capacity). Due to the behavior of the audience and damages to the premises, other than graduation parties, this is the last rock concert/ dance to be held at the Armory for a lengthy period.

1/3/1974 – Professional Wrestling

2/10/1974 -The Accents Drill Team holds a regional competition

21221197 4 – Professional Wrestling

3/30/1974 – The Green Bay Packers vs. The Sheboygan Redskins reunion team in an exhibition basketball game.

4/27/1974 – Country Music Show (sponsored by Policeman’s Benevolent Association)

5/11/1974 – Scout-0-Rama (First held since 1968)

5/18/1974 – U.S. Army Field Band

6/6/197 4 – Combined North/South high school graduation is held at the Armory. 1,200 graduates and guests attend “casino” themed event

6/28/1974 – Dick Contino/ Horace Heidt talent competition

6/28/1974 – Professional Wrestling

9/30/1974 -UAW – Kohler Company labor contract ratification vote takes place. Contract is approved.

10/12/1974 – The Lakeland College Men’s Basketball team plays the Danish National Team in exhibition game.

11 /10/1974 – Lakeland College Men’s Basketball team plays The Czech National team in exhibition game

11/29/1974 – Professional Wrestling returns to the Armory before 3,431 fans.

12/16/197 4 – Sheboygan city budget meeting is held

1/25/1975 – The Green Bay Packers vs. the Sheboygan Jaycees in exhibition basketball game.

2/7/1975 – Professional Wrestling

2/23/1975 – Accents Drill Team competition

3/1/1975 -The March of Dimes holds a 24 hour basketball marathon fundraiser.

317/1975 – Professional Wrestling

3/15/1975 – Buccaneer Drill Team competition

4/21/1975 -The 1975 regional Scout-o-Rama. 6,000 Scouts attend.

4/27/1975 – The Don Gibson Show with Sherry Bryce perform.

4/28/1975 – The Sheboygan County Deputies sponsor the Hippodrome Circus, 3,800 attend.

5/31/1975 – Meat Cutters and Butchers Union meeting is held. A venue of the size of the Armory is needed due to the potential closing of The Armour Leather plant.

6/29/1975 – Professional Wrestling

8/6/1975 – The Duke Ellington Orchestra performs in concert in front of a crowd of less than 500.

9/13/1975 – Evangelist Bob Harrington preaches to an audience of over 3,000 people.

10/11/1975 – Campus Life sponsors a Contemporary Christian concert featuring three bands.

10/21/1975 -The Citizens Advisory Committee on Community Development advises either to end deficit operation at the Armory, or raise the structure.

11/24/1975 – The Sheboygan City Budget meeting is held.

11130/1975 – The Harlem Globetrotters play/perform.

1/11/1976 – Professional Wrestling. A crowd of 2,278 attends.

3/1/1976 – The Accents Drill Team holds a competition

3/13 -14/1976 – Polka Festival

4/22-24/1976 – “Heritage Days,” a multi-event festival is planned to celebrate the cities history during the nation’s bicentennial year.

4/29/1976 – The Buccaneer Drill Team competition

5/3/1976 – Danny Davis and the Nashville Brass.

10/7/1976 – The U.S. Armed Forces combine to perform the bicentennial show “Bicentennial” before 4,000.

11/6/1976 – Campus Life sponsor a Christian youth event referred to as “Super Saturday.”

11/7/1976 – Professional Wrestling

11/11/1976 – Roy Orbison performs in concert.

11/22/1976 – The Sheboygan City Budget meeting is held.

12/111976 – Donkey Basketball

12/12/1976 -The Buccaneer drill team competition.

2/9/1977 – Golden Gloves Boxing


This list is a work in progress. We want it to stretch into 2200, I know It’s missing a ton and I have more current stuff including the Alice Cooper – Blue Oyster Cult Twin Bill!








“It might be tempting for the City of Sheboygan to throw in the towel and rid itself of the 72-year old Armory building. The Armory is, after all, in need of expensive repairs and there are those who argue its useful life is at an end. That kind of thinking is a mistake. The city should take a step back and thoroughly examine all of its options, particularly now that a citizen group has came forward in hopes of revitalizing the facility. The Armory Foundation wants to partner with the city to make the Armory a viable operation after Spaceport Sheboygan vacates the facility in February and moves to the South Pier District.


The options appear relatively clear:


  1. Sell the Armory to a third party;


  1. Raze the structure; or


  1. Work with the Foundation to revitalize it.


History dictates that the city make every effort to exercise the third option before resorting to either of the other two. Generations of Sheboygan area residents have attended community events, festivals, or private and public gatherings at the Armory. It was home to the NBA’s oldest team, the former Sheboygan Red Skins, and was the site of many memorable North-South boys and girls basketball games over the years. Almost everyone in the greater Sheboygan County area hasan Armory story or cherished memory.They don’t make buildings like the Armory any more, and razing the structure would leave a gaping hole in the city’s historic footprint. We agree with Kirk Obear of the Armory Foundation that the Armory “is a unique structure that could not be replaced by modern construction methods.”


The bottom line may ultimately play a bigger role in decision making than history, however, and the economics of the situation also indicate the city should go slow. The city will realize economic benefits if the Foundation can engage its volunteer forces to make the Armory viable again.That will take a plan and time. The Foundation will have neither if the city makes a hasty decision to sell or demolish the Armory. Mayor Mike Vandersteen said he will meet with the Armory Foundation in the near future. That is a hopeful sign and indicates the city’s willingness to explore all options. The mayor is noncommittal at this point, but admits there is “a strong community attachment to the building.” He promises to “thoroughly explore” efforts to revitalize the Armory, also a good sign. The Common Council should take the same open-minded approach as it considers the intimate details of the matter, including several undisclosed proposals already submitted for the historic lakefront building.


We hope the Foundation is given an ample opportunity to be a player in the Armory negotiations. It has promised to seek grants, donations and volunteers to raise money for facility needs, along with helping to manage the Armory. Promises only go so far, however. We hope the Foundation garners the public support it needs to turn its vision into reality. The city, meanwhile, should afford it that chance.”


Sheboygan Press Editorial – January 11, 2014

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